Practice-Research Forum #2: Tom Wilson – What are your ideal conditions for producing work?

Practice-Research Forum #2: Tom Wilson
“What are your ideal conditions for producing work?”

10th December,  5-7pm
Senate House
room 261

ALL RHUL PbR students and faculty welcome and encouraged to attend!

Lead by Tom Wilson, with Elena Alekseeva and Iain Chambers
Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you approach creative work as a 9 to 5 job, or as a series of unbiddable outbursts of inspiration? These factors often have a profound impact on the things we produce, yet it is common for artists to be reticent about them, preferring to keep their own “special formula” to themselves, or eschewing the idea of formulas altogether. In this session, we will hear from several creative practitioners who are happy to share, as well as discussing our own perceptions of the conditions in which art thrives best.

Tom Wilson
Tom’s a London-based composer and performer currently studying for a PhD in composition with Brian Lock. His PhD work is focused on developing a personal compositional language based on an extended conception of pop songwriting aesthetics. He has released 5 albums to date, the most recent of which is entitled “The Night Attendant” and was put out by the independent label Pickled Egg Records last month. In addition, he is a founding member of Written and Composed, a collective of writers and composers that grew out of the English and Music departments at Royal Holloway.

Elena Alekseeva
Elena is a professional musician with a classical background. Originally from Russia, she started her music career as a child. She studied piano at the Moscow College of Music named after M.M. Ippolitov-Ivanov (June 2007) and the Moscow Institute of Music which she graduated from in June 2012. She did her masters as a classical pianist in the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, Ireland (May 2014).

Elena is a first-year practice-based PhD student (composition) with supervision by Brian Lock. Her research topic is ‘Music Composition and Sound design for Contemporary Dance’: collaborative work with dancers and choreographers. Her composition processes include computer music composition, sound design and contemporary dance as visualisation of the music.

Iain Chambers
Iain’s music explores the hidden soundworld beneath the places and sounds we think we know well. This is acousmatic music with a strong sense of location. His music appeals to the emotions, and uses field recordings in the composition process.  Story-telling with sound is a key part of Iain’s other life as a freelance radio producer making experimental features. Iain’s work in radio mirrors his music: both combine emotive narratives with unconventional sonic treatments. His BBC Radio 3 radiophonic drama, Use It Or Lose It – featuring his music – won a Sony Radio Academy Award and Prix Europa Special Commendation for Best Drama in 2011.

Iain is a founder member of the musique concrète group Langham Research Centre. This collective resembles an Early Music group in their commitment to authentic performances of 20th century electronic music by composers like John Cage and Alvin Lucier. They compose new music using an instrumentarium of open-reel tape machines, sinewave oscillators, and other obsolete technology. They have performed at international festivals, Tate Modern, the London Coliseum and Barbican Art Gallery.

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