Practice-Research Forum #1: Generative Constraints: Anti-Body // 15th Nov

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Practice-Research Forum #1: Generative Constraints: Anti-Body
13th November,  5-7pm
Senate House
room 261

ALL RHUL PbR students and faculty welcome and encouraged to attend!

The body represents a multiplicity of possibilities, speaking to the corporeality of a subject, the work produced by a practitioner, and a collective (for eg, the student body and the body politic). Through reading, workshops and discussion, we will interrogate resistance, prescription, embodiment and the social.


Dodie Bellamy. – Cunt-Ups


Braidotti, Rosi. 2013. Posthumanism. (London: Polity)- extract
Cvejic, Bojana and Vujanovic, Ana. 2012. Public Sphere by Performance (Berlin: B_books and Aubervilles: Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilles)- extract

NB This is an evolution of the highly successful fortnightly PbR Seminars, and alters on that format by handing over the entire session to one person/partnership to run as they wish.  The brief for running a session has been deliberately kept very open, and we hope that this format will allow for a more regular interaction with the PbR culture at RHUL, and also more innovative approaches to presenting research as it occurs in practice.


Future Practice-Research Forum events:

+ 12 November: Generative Constraints Committee
(i.e. Nisha Ramayyaa, Diana Damian, Prudence Chamberlain, Eley Williams, Kate Potts, Nik Wakefield)
+ 10 December: Tom Wilson
+ 28 January: Romany Reagan
+ 25 February: Nathan Jones
+ 25 March: Chelsea Bruno