Augusto Corrieri

Dalston Theatre
Progress report on a demolished theatre
26 March @ 5.00pm


In 2007 Dalston Theatre was demolished to make way for Dalston Square, a large residential and shopping complex, as part of the area’s ongoing regeneration. Through a playful combination of site research, photographs and first-person narratives, this presentation seeks to find ways to access a theatre that is, in fact, nowhere to be found.

How might we enter an auditorium that is no longer standing? Might the invisible shapes and structures of the old Victorian building be still lingering on the site, in the air, in the new Starbucks café, in the residential gyms?

Brief Bio
Augusto Corrieri (UK/Italy) is a performance artist and writer, presenting new choreographic works for theatres and galleries in the UK and Europe. His works playfully deconstruct theatrical presentation and invite audience members to reflect critically on the role of spectacle in our lives. He recently completed a doctorate project at London’s Roehampton University, in collaboration with the AHRC-funded research project Performance Matters. He is currently preparing In place of a show, a series of texts and lecture-works on empty and abandoned theatres.



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