Anastasios Sarakatsanos

Anastasios Sarakatsanos
Audiovisual Composition
27th November @ 6.00pm


Music videos, in their predominant form, are inevitably more focused on their filmmaking aspect, as their main purpose is to visually narrate songs. They attempt to visualise music, to tell a story, more or less abstractly related to a song. The language used in this case is that of cinematographic narration. Experimenting on the medium of Audiovisual Compositions, I am not as much interested in narrating music as in depicting it. Using both the visual and the sonic information in music, I document each performance in both media forms. Material is then manipulated, using editing software for Sound and Film, in the production of an audiovisual composition.

Considering that for the last 120 years, technology has offered a way to record sound and separate it from the live, collective and synaesthetic experience that music is, we will realise the importance of visual information in music. Adding a visual dimension to music enhances the listening experience, especially in cases of online performing, where new forms of social interaction appear. The rapidly growing numbers of emerging artists incorporating such ideas and techniques in their compositions shows a trend towards new, more visual ways of understanding musical composition.

In my current project, titled ‘Influenza’, I am documenting the way musical ideas transmit between musicians and shape performance and aesthetics. I will be interviewing musicians, documenting their musical influences. Editing the interviews will result in an audiovisual composition made of fragments of participants’ interviews. Melodies, words, ideas, either verbally or musically expressed are blended in a composition that attempts to show fragmentation and isolated creation in the 21st century but also creates a new, virtual space for the fragments and the musicians to form a new picture, meet and collaborate.

Brief Bio
I was born in Athens, Greece. My study in music starts from a young age with classical training. I graduated from the Music School of Athens and concluded my BA studies in‘Folk and Traditional music’, in Greece. For the last 6 years I have lived in the UK. I completed my MA in ‘Composition for Film and Media’ at the University of Sussex and I am currently a Music PhD candidate at Royal Holloway. Within a broad range of interests (composing for film and theatre, working as a live performer, coaching actors, leading workshops and directing own projects), I maintain a deep appreciation for the social function of music and mainly focus on its visual aspect, hence my studies and work employ film to a great extent.


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