Alan Duffield

Self through Movement in Dance Performance
27th November @ 5.00pm


“Perhaps what is required is…a notion of subjectivity which is not exclusively temporal; not the projection of an interior-conceptual, introspective, but rather a subjectivity which is spatial too, outward looking in its perspectives and in the awareness of its own rational constitution.”
– Doreen Massey, For Space

Motion Traces II was a new dance work performed in the Summer of this year. I made this piece with four dancers from Chichester University for the Chichester Festival as part of my research into senses of self through movement in dance. My presentation will look at the way the work was developed and how its progress from studio to performance spaces impacted on the choreography. Part of this consideration will include the dancer’s own comments on the process as well as insights into the collaborative nature of the project. Questions of space, self and movement will be introduced.

Brief Bio
I am in the second year of my work in the Department of Drama and Theatre, with Dr Libby Worth as my supervisor. The working title of my thesis is Towards an Ecology of Dance. I have completed a working lifetime in performance education in schools, colleges, and as director of an arts centre linked to advisory support in Drama in Education. I have been concerned with what is termed physical theatre throughout my working life. My initial training was at Goldsmiths in the pioneer days of drama in education and my own work in this area has always been linked to issues of gender, race and class. I have continued to study throughout my life and in 2009 took the Physical Theatre MA at Royal Holloway. It is from this work, looking at the location of meaning in the dancing body, that my current research has developed. I am fortunate to be able to undertake this research in what has come to be termed the ‘third age’.
Alan Duffield. Cert Ed (Drama in Education. Goldsmiths. 1963-66) B.A. (English Literature. Hatfield)  M.A. (Sociology of Literature. Essex)  M.A. (Post Compulsory and Adult Education. Southampton)  M.A. (Physical Theatre and Performance. Royal Holloway).


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