Kristin Fredricksson

March 2013 § Leave a comment

Skeleton Consciousness and Theatre
13th March @ 5.00pm


This presentation will focus on what it means to have a skeleton and what it means for the practice of theatre. The question of skeletal awareness goes beyond developing ease and spontaneity as performers. Bones are potential objects that lie in wait within people – to which death will bring object birth. In the meantime, they can be used as teachers of performance skills, in a similar way to puppets and objects and the ground. I ask how considerations of the skeleton in performance can provide a route towards the disintegration of binarized categories of animate-inanimate and subject-object, such that performance as physical philosophy can become the site of a lived ethics.

Brief bio
Kristin Fredricksson is a performer and theatre maker. After training with Jacques Lecoq in Paris in the 90s, she worked as a performer and theatre director mainly outside the UK, returning to form the company Beady Eye in 2009. Her recent performance work has been autobiographical, layering cinefilm, video, puppetry, text and movement in loosely narrative pieces. The company tours nationally and internationally and won a Total Theatre Award in 2009. She is also a Feldenkrais practitioner and translator of academic theatre texts (French to English).


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