Kat Joyce

An organism I’m only a part of:
ensemble practice as research
3rd October, 2012 @ 6.00pm

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air (Tangled Feet)

The performance practice I am involved in making as part of the ensemble Tangled Feet is physical, devised, collaboratively made, co-authored and doesn’t leave textual traces. These characteristics provoke the creative impetus behind my research, but also pose unique challenges in terms of balancing the (sometimes quite different agendas) of academic investigation and keeping the show on the road.

Nearing the end of my research, I will talk about the main thrusts of both my practice and my writing, and some of the challenges of synthesising the two.

Kat Joyce is the Co-Artistic Director of Tangled Feet (see www.tangledfeet.com). Besides her work with the ensemble, her practice has spanned disciplines from playwriting to scenography, and she creates work using a range of approaches including devising, choreographing, scripting.

+ Click here for more information relating to Kat Joyce’s presentation.


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