Becky Cremin

Functions in 1-16 and A site:
A sited city: A sited body
24th October, 2012 @ 6.00pm

This presentation will take the form of a durational performance. It will blend practice and theoretical discussions surrounding my work. Functions in 1-16 : a performance and re-performing experience of the city. Accompanied by A site: A sited city: A sited body, a theoretical exploration of the city as space to re-write and re-construct.

Rebecca (Becky) Cremin works in process and draws on traditions of live art, fluxus, performance writing and site specific work to construct a hybridity of practice which uses language as an object to expose, to investigate, to locate. She is a founding member of the poetic collective PRESS FREE PRESS.  Her publications include Occupancy in VLAK, (Litteraria Pragensia), she as again : again as she in Viersome 01 and LAY’D both from Veer Books and Cutting Movement from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press. Her poems have featured in Blart, Department, Klatch, Veer About, How2 and beyond. Her performances take place in galleries, pubs, on council estates, in her bedroom, in the street, in the book and on the page.



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